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Info for Parents

Matrix Guitar School is located in Buderim, and lessons are given in a dedicated guitar room.  Parents can relax close by in the lounge area, take littles to the park across the road, or leave and return at the end of the 45 minute session.


Your child will be meeting and playing with other children in the same age group, and there may be up to 4 children in a class.  This gives students the opportunity to learn from their peers, fostering a collaborative environment where kids can socialise through their shared love of music.  Every child will, however, be given their own customised game plan to keep them progressing on the guitar in their own unique way.  We also have opportunities for kids to play live at our monthly jam sessions.

Kids Classes will cover:

  • chord changes

  • open chords

  • power chords

  • basic rhythm (8th note strums, building in to 16th note strums)

  • how to read rhythm

  • simple melodies

  • song structure study

  • music theory

  • band etiquette (volume, how to start & end a song)

Go ahead and book your child in for a free trial session by clicking the button below!

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