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  • Where are you located?
    Matrix Guitar School is located in residential Buderim, central Sunshine Coast, QLD. Guitar classes are held in a dedicated studio at 29 Durrack Place, Buderim (take Nandewar Dr off Dixon Rd, then left onto Durrack Pl).
  • How much are lessons?
    Tuition varies according to the package you choose. We have different packages to suit various budgets and preferences. This will be discussed with you at your free trial session.
  • Am I too old to learn guitar?
    In a word, no. As long as you have working fingers and a bit of free time, it doesn't matter at all what your age is. The important thing is to have a positive mindset and a desire to make music, and you'll be just fine!
  • What kind of guitar should I get?
    There is an entire article in the "FYI" section of this website dedicated to answering this important question...see you there!
  • How much time should I put into practise?
    You should practise your guitar at least a half hour a day, six to seven days a week. While you can certainly practise less and see progress, you wouldn't be getting your money's worth out of the lessons. Think of it kind of like a gym membership: If you go to the gym every day for an hour or more, you're really getting your money's worth. Conversely, if you only go once or twice a week you won't see results and it's probably not worth it. It's the same with guitar lessons: The more you practise the faster we'll go and the more you'll get for your investment!
  • Do you have a blue card?
    Yes. Jeff has a blue card. The number is 2131861/1, expires 28/12/24.
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