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The Winning Mindset

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

To maximise your success at becoming a guitar player, it is extremely important that you have the right mindset. If you don’t, you’ll find things frustrating and the chances of your success will decrease greatly. The proper mindset is where it starts.

You see, it’s difficult in the beginning. It’s difficult because you want to be playing music and sounding good right away, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen instantly. It’s going to take consistent and deliberate effort to get where you want to be, and even if you’re taking lessons from the best teacher on the planet it is you that ultimately has to put in the time and effort. Being mentally ready for not sounding instantly like your guitar heroes is part of the process.

Your Garden

Imagine your progress in guitar playing like growing a garden. Before you even plant the seeds (or pick up the guitar), you’ll want to make sure your soil is good for growing. Your mind is your soil, and bad soil will inhibit your garden’s growth just like negative thinking will slow your guitar progress. Such thoughts as “I’m getting nowhere” and “I can’t do this” will only slow you down, and indeed aren’t even true.

When you plant your seeds, you don’t get flowers right away. You water the soil and with the right conditions, and time, those seeds will sprout. It’s inevitable, just like with your guitar progress.

As the sprouting seeds start breaking the soil, you can tell now that a beautiful garden is on the way. With your guitar playing, as your strength and coordination increase and your chord changes become faster, you can see that some songs and real music are on the way. It’s inevitable!

One more important point: Even though you may not see the progress in your playing on a day-to-day basis, it will be improving if you’re putting in the practice. Just like you don’t see your garden grow overnight, but you know it’s happening. Your faith in the process will actually help to keep your mind fertile for learning faster! Keep these things in mind before every practice, and you will be guaranteed success in your guitar playing.

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