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Matrix Guitar School

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Are you just starting out and want to start off straight away with turbocharged instruction?


You know some songs and some scales, but run into a wall when you try to get to the next level of playing?


You're interested in getting your son or daughter guitar lessons?

Matrix Guitar School, Buderim, Sunshine Coast

I would recommend Jeff as a guitar teacher for students at all levels.  As well as his vast knowledge of the instrument in different music styles, he has an approach that makes learning the instrument fun.  He'll look to get you jamming along almost from day dot and will sing along as if you're in front of a stadium crowd.  Jeff clearly has a passion for teaching and if you want to up the ante with your playing I suggest you give him a call.

- Barney


Jeff is an excellent teacher and ticks all the boxes.  From his prompt response to my initial enquiry, to his patience as I'm completely new to acoustic guitar.  I'm very happy with my progress and can't thank Jeff enough for his effective and productive tuition.  I would happily recommend him to family and friends.

- Stephen

All guitar teachers are not created equal!  I've taken lessons from other guitar teachers and they don't compare to Jeff at Matrix Guitar.  He doesn't tell me what to learn, he teaches me how to learn faster.

- Jason

  • When you go at it alone, it's hard to know what to do next...there are so many rabbit holes that lead to bad habits that can waste your time.  With expert instruction, you will always know what to do next, and with proven systems you will learn faster than you thought possible.

  • Not only is it possible for you to become as good as your music heroes, it's inevitable if you put your mind to it.  I'm here to help you make that dream a reality. 

  • Don't wait!  Give us a call or book online today.  You have nothing to lose.

Why Most People Don't Succeed In Learning Guitar


The most common thing we see when looking for second-hand gear on the buy-swap-sell sites is used beginner guitars.  At any given time, there are probably a dozen or more always being sold.  Why is that?  Why are so many people selling their guitars? 


It’s because they’ve given up trying to play guitar.  They’re not giving up because they don’t want to play guitar anymore, however, they’re giving up because they’re frustrated and they’re not having any fun.  This is because everything they’ve tried hasn’t worked, and they still don’t know any songs! 


At Matrix Guitar School, Buderim, you’ll be playing songs almost immediately.  Yes, they’re simple songs, but those simple songs get progressively more challenging as your skills develop, until you get to the level that you can play some of your favourite bands’ songs.  Then you can play some of your favourite bands’ difficult songs, and then your favourite bands’ solos.  You get the point. 


The sky's the limit when you have a coach who has been exactly where you’ve been before, and then found a way to get to the next level.  It really isn’t difficult when you know what to do next.

Biggest Mistake a Potential Guitarist Makes


The biggest mistake we see people make when choosing a guitar teacher is choosing the cheapest and closest option.  While you might think that you’re saving time and money, over the course of time it will actually wind up costing you more.


That is because a cheap teacher will simply be unqualified to teach, no matter where they’re located, so you’ll get little to no results for your efforts along with heaps of frustration.  Even worse, you might quit because you think that you’re the problem.  Don’t fall into this trap!

Matrix Guitar School, located in Buderim, is THE place to learn guitar on the Sunshine Coast.

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